Selfhealing Praktijk Jan & Jantsje Osinga

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About us

Welcome to our website.

We are Jan and Jantsje Osinga. For more than 20 years we have had a practice for natural medicine.

Our goal is to let you experience inner peace. During our treatments your self-healing capacity is addressed so that your body can recover and you can continue.

We provide complementary care. This means that the treatments can take place in addition to medication and treatments from a doctor. They can be used in all situations and are suitable for all ages.

It is possible to follow workshops with us. In addition, we regularly provide group treatments. You can also contact us for advice on naturopathic products.



Balance your body with a Cayce/Reilly massage
Experience the inner connection between Heart & Soul
Experience a deep relaxation of Body and Mind
Advice and sale of Naturopathic products