Cayce/Reilly Massage

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Balance your body with a Cayce/Reilly massage

Cayce / Reilly Massage

In our practice you can go for a holistic body massage based on the Cayce / Reilly techniques. Your body is massaged with special Cayce oil which ensures a deep relaxation of body and mind. The massage promotes circulation, stimulates the secretion of waste and increases resistance.

The massage is suitable for all ages and for all situations. So a maternity, baby or child massage is also possible.

Cayce / Reilly Massage

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) had extraordinary intuitive gifts from birth. He used these gifts to give readings in the field of health and spirituality. He left 14,246 verbal reports of his readings. They are among the most comprehensive and impressive display of psychic perception ever done by one person for more than 8,000 people over a 43-year period.

Dr. Harold J. Reilly (1895-1987) was a pioneer in the field of therapeutic massage. He was specialized in physiotherapy and world famous. Together with Cayce, he developed the so-called Cayce / Reilly massage. The therapy is based on 45 years of research in the readings on advice about health and natural medicines.

In 70% of his 14,000 lectures, Edgar Cayce advised that the person in question should have regular massages. According to him, massage was one of the most important methods to bring body, mind and soul into harmony.

The Cayce / Reilly Massage is a body massage with special Cayce oil. It is a mixture of Swedish, Osteopathic and Neuropathological techniques. Together with special Cayce massage techniques, stretching muscles and connective tissue and turning the joints, it ensures a very deep relaxation of body and mind.

The massage is given for inner peace and relaxation. In general I treat people with complaints of: head, neck and shoulders, back, abdomen, feet, chronic diseases or recovery after illness and / or surgery.

A Cayce / Reilly Massage promotes circulation, stimulates the secretion of waste and toxins, increases resistance, relaxes muscles, promotes the mobility of the bones, calms the nerves, reduces stress sensitivity, shortens the recovery period after illness or injury.