Edgar Cayce Products

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) had extraordinary intuitive gifts from birth. He used these gifts to give readings (lectures) in the area of ​​health and spirituality. He left more than 14,000 verbatim reports of his lectures. They are among the most comprehensive and impressive display of psychic perception, ever done by one person, for more than 8000 people over a period of 43 years. By bringing himself under hypnosis, he could make diagnoses and indicate for each disease what the cause was and which medicines or surgery were the most appropriate. And that while he knew nothing about illness symptoms and healing methods. Research by skeptical doctors showed that of the more than 30,000 cases he treated, more than 90% proved absolutely correct. Cayce products have been developed from all these lectures. Exactly as Cayce intended. We will gladly advise you about the products and the readings. A large number of products can be ordered on this website.