Cayce/Reilly Massage

Edgar Cayce, South Carolina (1877-1945), has from his birth, extraordinary intuitive talents. He used this to give readings in the area of health and spirituality. When he died, he left 14.246 verbatim readings. They are among the most extensive and impressive display of mental observation, that has ever been done by one person, for more than 8 000 people, over a period of 43 years.

Dr. Harold J. Reilly (1895-1987) was a pioneer in the field of therapeutic massage. He was specialized in physical therapy and was world famous. He developed with Cayce the Cayce/Reilly massage. The therapy is based on 45 years of research in the readings to advice on health and natural medicines.

Edgar Cayce advised in 70% of his 14 000 readings, that the person in question had to be massaged frequently. According to him, it was one of the most important massage methods, to bring body, spirit and soul in harmony.

The Cayce/Reilly massage is a body massage with special Cayce oil. The massage is a mixture of Swedish, Osteopatische and Neuropathological techniques. Together with special Cayce massage techniques (straightening of muscles and connective tissue and the rotation of the joints) provides a very deep relaxation of body and spirit.

The massage is for inner peace and relaxation. In General, I deal with people that have: head, neck and shoulders, back, abdomen, feet, chronic diseases or recover from illness and/or operation.
A Cayce/Reilly massage stimulates the circulation, encourages the separation of waste and toxic substances, increase the resistance, relaxes the muscles, promotes the movements of the bones, calmes the nerves, reduces stress sensitivity, shortens the period after an illness or injury.

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